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You’re gorgeous!

At Brushy, our superpower is knowing how to enhance the sparkle that you already possess.

We’re not about changing who you are, instead we capture the essence of exactly what makes you so unique, and we show it off to the world.

Team Brushy are highly skilled, professional Makeup Artists who know how to bring the goods when it comes to incredible hair and makeup looks. Each one of our Artists is trained in thoroughly assessing your individual face structure, skin type and features to ensure that they highlight the best bits, and tone down anything you’d like to draw less attention to.

We’re like makeup magicians, waving our magic wands across every face we touch!

Check out our collection of amazing Before and After shots, which showcase the incredible beauty of the people we work with. Stunning in every image, these pics are filter free and fabulous.

Our makeup artists help you to feel like the most confident, beautiful version of yourself.

You’re already gorgeous. We’re here to prove it to you.